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Bank of America Practice Solutions

Bank of America Practice Solutions offers fixed and variable-rate terms up to 15 years, 100% practice financing plus working capital, up to a 12-month rate lock through project phase, practice sale and real estate combinations in some cases, loans from $100,000 to $5,000,000. You'll work with our team of specialists in health care practice sales transactions to design the right solution for you.


Sean Coyle 
New England Regional Sales Manager

Office (857) 208-0864
Fax Number (404) 720-9639


Live Oak Bank

Office 404-995-2002

Live Oak Bank has a team of lending specialists that have over 50 years of experience working in the veterinary industry. We have creative solutions for financing real estate, acquisitions and ground up construction projects. Our team can help you evaluate your project and provide you with a product that meets your needs. This can include the ability to offer 10-year lending on a practice, 25-year term on the real estate only loans and combining a practice and real estate to provide up to a 25-year term. Our lending team can assist in financing a project up to $5,000,000. We will provide you with a personal touch from your first call through your final payment. Use our experience to leverage your financing needs.

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