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The purchase or sale of a professional practice will easily be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your economic and emotional investment will be significant and the transaction itself will be complicated.

Nate Lynch & Associates LLC is a national Veterinary Practice Brokerage & Appraisal Company.

Nate Lynch & Associates LLC was founded by Nathan R. Lynch, Esq. Attorney Lynch is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. Nathan R. Lynch has been a Real Estate Broker since 1989 and is licensed as a Broker in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Nate Lynch is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) certified by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.(NACVA)

If you are a Veterinary Practice Owner and you are thinking about selling your veterinary practice we strongly suggest you have a Veterinary Practice Appraisal done by an experienced practice appraiser. The more modern term for a veterinary practice appraisal is a practice valuation, but they are one in the same. At Nate Lynch & Associates all of our practice appraisals or valuations are conducted personally by Nate Lynch and he does an actual site visit on most practice appraisals or practice valuations. 

In addition to having your practice appraised or valued we strongly suggest you have the real estate appraised if you also own the facility. We do not appraise real estate, but we can help you locate a real estate appraiser.

If you are a potential buyer, please understand that if we have a veterinary practice listed for sale we represent the seller in any veterinary practice sale or transition. However, Nate Lynch &  Associates LLC treats all of our buyers fairly and it is always in our sellers' best interest for our buyers to feel comfortable that if Nate Lynch & Associates LLC can point them in the right direction to qualified lenders, lawyers, CPA's, and other advisors a smooth transition will result.  

If you have seen an advertisement for a veterinary practice we have listed for sale we look forward to providing all of the specific information you would like to receive about the practice. Please understand that most of our sellers are very concerned about keeping the fact they are marketing the practice confidential. 

In order to receive practice information on one of our practice listings, please click on the Veterinary Practice Non-Disclosure Form link and then download the form. The form takes just a few minutes to complete and it will allow you access to all of our Veterinary Practice Listings.


Most buyers understand that when they purchase a veterinary practice they will need to perform Due Diligence in order to evaluate the potential purchase, but very few buyers have any idea what Due Diligence should be performed. By clicking the form below you will have a basic Due Diligence Form that should help you evaluate a potential practice and move you closer towards a veterinary practice purchase.


Red Flags Rule Update    As of 12/18/2010 most veterinary clinics are exempt from the Red Flags Rule

Recently, my office has been besieged by doctors having questions regarding the FTC's new so-called "Red Flags Rule". Veterinarians are not exempt from the "Red Flags Rule" and you must formulate a reasonable written policy and update that policy in order to be in compliance with the law. I have written an article explaining how the Red Flags Rule will effect veterinary practices. I have also authored a compliance manual that can be edited to suit your personal needs (order here).

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