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  • Planning For Disability

    The only way to maintain some degree of control over our lives in the event we become physically or mentally disabled at some point in the future is to plan ahead and make choices today about a disability that that may or may not occur at some point in the future. The first step you should take is to execute a Durable Power of Attorney.
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  • Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

    The short answer is that a Non-Compete Agreement will be enforced if it is necessary to protect a legitimate business interest and it is reasonable as to 1. Time 2. Geography or distance, and 3. Scope.
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  • Buy-Sell Agreement For The Professional Practice

    The death or disability of a partner or shareholder of a professional practice or other closely held business or entity can cause hardship or the financial ruin of an otherwise solid business. A properly structured buy-sell agreement will enable the remaining partners, members or stockholders to continue on with the business and avoid costly litigation over disputes and money.
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